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  I have signed up on Patreon - a platform which allows you to support me and my art.

 The Fantasy Food Journal is a series of satire recipes, illustrated tales and magical beast designs which are all set in a
  humoristic fantasy universe.

 The fictional creators of the journal are called Grunnet and Grumble - a witchy food critic and a famous ogre masterchef.

 You will like this project if you appreciate the fantasy genre, tons of artwork, food and weird humor with a slightly dark twist.
 There will be a new entry every week. Every week you will get new artwork!

 It can either be one of Grumbleís guides and stories (if you try them out, itís your own responsibility) or Grunnet will write about
 her studies of magical creatures, food related myths and spells.

 And donít forget, she will also be bringing you reviews of all the up and coming culinarian hotspots.

   I have loved fantasy all my life and I have been drawing all my life as well. After many years of freelance work I have finally
 decided to do my own thing.
 There are many talented and inspiring artists on Patreon and I therefore felt the need to come up with something special to
 stand out.
 I therefore have picked the theme of combining food with fantasy, because the possibilities are endless and who
 doesnít like food?

  To be honest, then Iím a horrible cook myself, so all of this will be super goofy and dorky - but hopefully entertaining!
 Iím not a writer, my weapon of choice will always be illustrating - especially traditional art.
 So this is a journey for me to create this
 project and try out new platforms. Hopefully the two medias can support each other, so my passion for the fantasy
 and storytelling
 can shine through.
 Itís my lifelong dream to make a 100% living out of my art, and I really hope this could be a great step for me.
 I will work very hard to entertain you and bring you good art material, as long it can bring me a little closer to my goal.
 All support is very much appreciated, even if you just share and like my stuff around online!
 Canít wait to take the adventure with you.

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 - your support would mean the world to me.



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